Saturday, June 19, 2010

People I Have An Irrational Dislike Of- Part 3

Grown men who wear England football shirts with the name of their favourite player on the back.

It makes them look 12 years old. In fact in the pub yesterday I even saw adults not merely wearing an England shirt with "Rooney" on the back, but wearing the shorts as well!

If you call out after them "Wayne can I have your autograph..... oh sorry I mistook you for Wayne Rooney", they don't appreciate it.

It looks completely tragic.


Macheath said...

Totally agree with you, except you've got the title wrong; there's nothing irrational about it.

Not only have they spent £40 on an overpriced polyester shirt, they've seen fit to pay an extra £10 on top to put someone else's name on it.

What's not to dislike?

Mark Wadsworth said...

Indeed, what's not to dislike?

Ross said...

Maybe I should have a series of "People who deserve to be hated".

asquith said...

Better that than the fat, shirtless men who insist on showing their chests to passers-by on my estate!

Blognor Regis said...

Maybe it's Mickey Rooney.