Sunday, June 20, 2010

Very Creepy Movie Dialogue

I was watching the film Sliding Doors the other day (not my usual viewing to be honest). The film was made in 1998 when this dialogue would not have been disturbing:
Helen: Who are you on the rebound from?
James: A girl called Pamela. It was 1974. We were eight. She left me for Gary Glitter. Gary Glitter!! All the other fellows were getting left for Greg Brady and Donny Osmond. I mean, I could have come to terms with that, given time, but Gary Glitter? Oh she wanted to touch him there, yeah.


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Strange film all round.

All through we flip between alternative scenarios - she's with a cute guy, then with a creepy guy.

Finally in an unexpected ending she stays with the creepy guy - the one who thinks it hilarious to quote Monty Python sketches.