Friday, June 04, 2010

Quote Of The Day

A professor at some hippy university in the USA and former soccer international has a proposal about how to deal with the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, Tim Worstall isn't impressed:

So, we've got a gusher of an underwater oil well. And we're going to say that no one with any contact with the oil companies can work on attempting to cap said gusher.

That is, everyone who might have even teh slightest idea of how to cap it won't be let near it.

No, got to hand it to you, this is pure friggin' genius.

Tell you what, let's get Peter Crouch on to it shall we? See if there's some parrot, moon, over thing that can be put together?
I feel sorry for the politicians in all this, there is nothing they can helpfully add to the solution so they are left like Obama issueing press releases informing the people that they are still very cross indeed about this, which simply underlines their impotence on the matter.

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Robert said...

Everyone is getting ever more angry and upset. And they are looking for someone to blame because no one can seem to figure out the way forward.

It is the fault of "Big Oil", or !BRITISH! Petroleum, or Obama, or well, whomever else jumps to mind who might be however distantly part of the disaster.

How the Israelis have escaped blame, though, is anyone's guess. Or maybe they have been and I just haven't seen it. Probably the latter.