Thursday, June 24, 2010

Perpetually Offended Are Offended.

Stating the obvious offends people:

John Redwood provoked outrage yesterday by saying victims of the budget cuts should wear more clothes, turn the thermostat down and eat more vegetables.

Seems pretty sensible to actually. Everyone knows people who moan about the cold crank up the heating, all while wearing a tee shirt.

As it happens Redwood was specifically referring to those on middle incomes rather than the poor so the idea that his comments were aimed at the "cold and hungry" as the Mirror headline claims is nonsense.


banned said...

Nice one John, almost as good as Norman Tebbits 'on yer bike'.

Mark Wadsworth said...

It's pretty shit advice in the middle of summer though.

Yaffle said...

"provoked outrage" is of course hack-speak for "provoked lazy hack to phone rent-a-gob for predictable quote in order to beef up non-story"

Chuckles said...

No doubt he feels that 'those on middle incomes' and 'the cold and the hungry' will soon be congruent?

Mrs Rigby said...

Imagine - with Labour's spin machine in full flow wearing a jumper in Winter would have been seen as a clever, and fairly novel, bit of advice from a truly caring government helping us mere mortals reduce our heating bills!