Thursday, March 03, 2011

On Car Insurance

The Economist's "MS" writes:
Similarly, men don't crash cars because their penises get in the way of the steering wheel, but because they are more likely to drive recklessly. 
Well I don't like to boast but..... I haven't had any crashes lately.


Anonymous said...

What is the actual exposure to accident risk? when you look about you -male drivers seem to greatly outnumber female drivers which would enable them to have more accidents.

Dave H. said...

Eh? Surely it'd only be boasting if you, unlike other men, did crash because you had a penis that got in the way?

(Sorry if that was being slow on the uptake about such things. I brag about able to hit the reset button on a PDA with mine. It's that hard.)

Ross said...

Anon- I'm sure that must be taken into account already, when insurers ask how many miles a year you do.

Dave- OK but it isn't a contest.