Tuesday, March 01, 2011


As the relaease of Megrahi demonstrated, the UK is more interested in Libyan oil than in treating the regime as it deserves. Therefore I assume that the government's new hawkishness means that they believe Gaddafi is finished and will not survive the revolt against him. Either that or the coalition is so much more principled than the last government that they don't care about BP's investments.

Still for all the criticism of the cosying up to Gadaffi over the years, surely the regime would be far more dangerous if it still had a WMD programme.


Umbongo said...

I think they consider Gaddafi is irredeemably finished. But suppose they're wrong and your post of 20(?) February is correct. The crawling by Cameron, Hague et al would be on an epic scale. For that alone, it would be almost worthwhile to see Gaddafi survive: almost but not quite.

Ross said...

The brown nosing would be spectacular and even more insulting to our nation's dignity. As you say- almost but not quite- worth it.