Monday, March 21, 2011


Reasons to oppose the bombing:
  1. It will probably escalate into a full scale intervention.
  2. The rebel stronghold is in an area notable for it's support for Islamic fundamentalism.
  3. Gadaffi hasn't bothered us lately.
  4. We have no money or equipment for unnecessary wars.
  5. It isn't our business.
 Reasons to support the bombing:
  1. Without it Libya's rebels will be massacred.
  2. Gadaffi's regime has sponsored terrorism in the past.
  3. It makes the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize committee look like even bigger chumps.


JuliaM said...

"Without it Libya's rebels will be massacred."

The rebels that just used a jet plane in a suicide attack?

Hmmm,I didn't think we'd ever be on the same side as people like that, frankly...

Peter Risdon said...

We're now on the same side as the Japanese, Julia. I know there are differences, but we should be looking at what the Nth Africans can become rather than what decades of dictatorship and religious extremism (related things in my view) have made them now.

There's one other thing being accomplished - a still vague realignment of the free West with Muslim peoples rather than with their autocratic rulers. It's still not fully formed yet, but there are interesting possibilities for the future coming out of it.

Anonymous said...

war is good for business.