Monday, May 09, 2011

Boring Interview.

Strange article in the Daily Mail about how an actor has revealed nothing interesting in an interview:

Downton Abbey fans were mystified yesterday by an interview with actor Hugh Bonneville – tantalisingly titled My Secret Life – which appeared to reveal no secrets.
In it, Hugh, who plays the Earl of Grantham in the hit ITV1 period drama, chose to detail banal aspects of his life: how he wanted to be a town planner when he was young and the fact that his grey cashmere hoodie is his favourite item of clothing.
Even high lighting the Twitter reaction to a boring interview, almost as though they want people to look up the actor's name on Twitter.
Last night Hugh guest-starred in Doctor Who, playing a pirate captain whose ship is in peril from a beautiful siren – an event that made the gossip columns. ‘Where can they have drawn inspiration for such a role?’ asked one writer.

But then Hugh’s devotion to wife Lulu is so strong it is understood he is known to fellow thespians as the Ryan Giggs of the showbusiness world, after the famously family-orientated footballer.

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The Daily Mash nails it here