Friday, May 20, 2011

Super Injunctions

Ryan G**** is suing Twitter over revealing his affair with Imogen Thomas. I don't get this, if Twitter hadn't been served with an injunction then how could they be breaching it by claiming that R*** Giggs cheating on his wife.

The problem with these kind of injunctions is that by protecting his privacy it impinges on the right of the other party to freely talk about what they have done. Doing that requires an exceptional reason and protecting someone cheating on their wife is not worth it.

The arrest of Dominique Strauss Kahn also highlight why preventing the press reporting on the affairs of rich and powerful men is a bad idea. Without assuming that he is guilty of the crime he is being charged with- it is clear that his "private life" which the French press could not report, involved serially predatory behaviour against women- which is surely a very public matter.


banned said...

"Ryan G**** is suing Twitter over revealing his affair with Imogen Thomas"

oh goodie, oodles of saucy revelations to come then?

Anonymous said...

Why should the public be told anything. Sheer spite.
John Blog will never meet or deal with the kind of people you want exposed.

Ross said...

Why shouldn't Imogen Thomas have the right to inform people about her previous relationshps?

Anonymous said...

I represent Bryan Piggs, and I must ask you to stop repeating these scurrilous rumours. If you'd seen Mrs Piggs, you'd realise that she's fit as a butchers dog, and, like Jeffrey Archer, there is no need to roam when such fragrance waits at home.