Sunday, May 08, 2011

Death Celebrations- A Guide

Wrong: Celebrating the death of Osama Bin Laden.

Right: Celebrating (in advance) the death of Margaret Thatcher.


Senior said...

When Tony Blair dies, celebrating his death will probably be considered right by opponents of the liberation of Iraq.

Anonymous said...

I'm chilling the prosecco for the day when tony benn pops. Yay!

Ross said...

Anon- Why?

He is very silly but he hasn't killed anyone.

TDK said...

Brilliant post

Ross said...

Thanks TDK.

Since writing this post I've been looking for examples of the same person doing both the things (celebrating Thatcher's death whilst criticising the celebration of Bin Laden's death).

So far I've found radical poser, Laurie Penny, who denounced the Bin Laden celebrations on "Young Voters Question Time" after announcing her intentions to celebrate Lady Thatcher's demise in the New Statesman.

TDK said...

I recall the evident delight of the "clever and good" when Reagan died.