Tuesday, May 03, 2011

On The Bin Laden Coverage

Watching the coverage of Bin Laden's death on BBC and ITV I wondered what was more distasteful- the fact that both stations (in response to viewers) were sneering at the "triumphalism" of Americans celebrating or the salivating over how it improves Barack Obama's reelection chances.


Senior said...

The talk of how the killing of Bin Laden boosts Barack Obama's reelection chances is to be expected. Politicians get praised for everything good that happens while they're in office, even if it would have happened had somebody else been in office.

I think criticising Americans for being patriotic is wrong. Opponents of the celebrations seem to think we mustn't celebrate our success in case the enemy gets offended. I'm sure there were patriotic celebrations in London on VE Day.

Mr Ecks said...

Yeah but Victory Europe was ...you know...a reality.Not a load of very dodgy circs indeed.