Thursday, August 11, 2011

Heroes, Er I Mean Vigilantes.

The double standard between how the media and police react to groups of Sikhs and Turks resisting the riots on the one hand and white men in Enfield is pretty brazen. Whereas a quick google search for - "Sikhs" "Riots"- willl turn up dozens of articles with words like "heroes" & "Fightback", a similar google for- "Enfield" "Riots"- turns up words like "vigilante".

More generally if the police are not in a position to protect the population, what alternative is there to "acting like vigilantes"?


Bill said...

What this tells me is the one thing the Westminster elite truly fear is an organised group of English men and women acting together.

Quite how large this group needs to be is not known but I reckon it would only have to number in the low thousands to be an effective force for good.

The elite never miss a chance to demonise any group, society, gathering of English people be they inside or outside of politics.

The signs are clear question is are there enough English men and women who realise the power they hold in their hand?

Not yet maybe but if the Elite and its poodle MSM carry on the penny will soon drop in living rooms, restaurants, café's bars and yes even supermarkets. Then the elite's fear will turn to blind terror as they will realise the game is up and it's time to get out of dodge.

JuliaM said...

I've picked up three 'Ooooh, no! Vigilantes are bad!' stories this morning, from the 'Mail', 'Guardian' and 'Independent'.

It's almost as if the elites are afraid of something...

Mark said...

Excellent post, Ross.

I think you'll find there is similar confusion in Guardianista ranks now on the subject of 'kettling' - which hitherto they have criticised unreservedly-

banned said...

" what alternative is there to "acting like vigilantes"? "

The Mail and Telegraph confine themselves to "extreme", "far right" and "white racist".