Sunday, August 07, 2011

Jody MacIntyre

A good piece by Autonomous Mind on the unravelling story of Jody MacIntyre- the disabled student protester who was pulled out of his wheelchair- who far from being a innocent disabled protester who was brutally assaulted is actually a serial thug who has, inevitably, popped up at the Tottenham riots.

He also is being encouraged by Guardian hacks to provide rolling coverage (so to speak) of the event.

The public faces of the student protesters do seem to be spectacularly unlikeable:

Jody MacIntyre- a serial liar caught on camera attacking police who then brazen played the disability card to make out that he was incapable of violence.

Johnie Marbles- Universally reviled twat and self styled comedian who was surprised that assaulting an 81 year old man didn't meet with widespread acclaim.

Charlie Gilmour- The epitome of the spoiled overclass demanding that he be taken seriously.

Alfie Meadows- Poor guy struck with a police baton- or a violent thug who got hit by friendly fire from his own side.

Edward Woolard- Fire extinguisher chucker.

They have managed to earn contempt for the movement they represent not least because of the mealy mouthed apologetics over their actions by their fellow travellers.


Anonymous said...

Jody gets about a bit for a cripple.

Good to see modern civil disobedience has ramp access.

JuliaM said...

Check out Gadget's blog. He's got a screenshot of one of the little freak's Tweets from yesterday, hoping everyone will 'rise up' after Tottenham...

James Higham said...

It's always these who ruin it for the rest.

mythusmage said...

The way things are going you can expect the troops to be called out soon enough. When that happens things will get a lot darker for the rioters.