Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hart Attack.

Former BBC man Alan Hart's suggestion that the kidnapping and possible murder of Alan Johnston was a false flag operation by the Israelis has met with deserved derision. So much so that he has posted a series of ripostes which are so self pitying and paranoid that I though he was going to start lambasting deceitful charlatans and debauchery, he writes that:
The trouble is that defenders of Israel right or wrong simply don't want to know the truth of history, (they want Zionism's propaganda version of it to stand unchallenged)....

That being so I am going to make representations to appropriate authorities about the need for a Blogging Protocol. It would require all who make blog comments to identify themselves properly and completely so that they could be called and held to account for defamation, and quite possibly inciting hatred
Presumably evidence free insinuations that Israel is going round murdering hostile journalists inspires only love and understanding.

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