Saturday, April 21, 2007

Police & Race Quotas.

For right wing bloggers like myself, the BBC's 'Have Your Say' section is always a useful fall back option when feeling lazy or uninspired, because of the inevitable displays of left wing conspiracy mongering and paranoia that gets through the moderating process. So it was with some surprise that I took a look at the debate on 'Positive Discrimination' in the police force (known as 'racist hiring practices' to honest people), and saw the near unanimous rejection of the proposal. The Commission for Racial Equality, normally a banker when it comes to backing silly racially divisive proposals, has also rejected the idea.

This is of course a good thing but what does it say about the police that the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and the Metropolitan now outflank the CRE and the legions of Beeboids when it comes to race politics?

Keith Jarrett of the National Black Police Association, adds:
If we look at Hounslow in London, it's a borough that is predominantly from a minority ethnic background.

"Now whilst my white colleagues are immensely qualified to do the job, I would put forward that Hounslow would be better served as a borough by a person from an Asian background, who has got culture in common with the local inhabitants, and perhaps speaks the same language."
Good to see the police's anti-racism drive is going so well.


pommygranate said...


The Have Your Say site is normally diamterically opposed to the BBC'S editorial line.

Ross F said...

I'll take your word for it because I don't really read it often enough to say for sure. Although from what I have seen I do think that some values are prevalent in both HYS and their regular coverage such as an antipathy to the United States.

MJW said...

If ethnic minorities are better qualified to police ethnic minorities than anybody else does it also stand that rapists are better qualified to police other rapists, or burglars to police other burglars? Or am I merely taking a logical fallacy and reducing it to the absurd? Besides, what matters is not that it’s just another form of paternalistic racism; it is that the paternalists are acting in the best interests of everyone, so it’s all okay then!