Friday, April 27, 2007

Police Snuff Photos.

The "Mad Mullah of the Traffic Taliban", Richard Brunstrom has always come across as being slightly mad in his over zealous pursuit of motorists, but his latest antics seem to confirm that the man is mentally unbalanced rather than simply someone who favours policies that are unusually stringent.
An MP is seeking a meeting with the Home Secretary over a chief constable's decision to use photographs of a decapitated motorcyclist to emphasise his road safety message.

North Wales Police Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom showed the images of 40-year-old Mark Gibney, who died in 2003, during a private meeting with journalists on Thursday.
How on earth did he come to the decision that this is an acceptable to behave? It isn't as if a photograph adds any information to the road safety debate, everyone is aware that people sometimes die in road accidents and no amount of death porn reinforces that fact.

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james higham said...

No sense of right and wrong and no judgement is how he came to that decision.