Thursday, April 26, 2007

Londonistan Again.

Wars in East Africa are so common that they are sadly rather boring and it takes something spectacular for thm to make headlines. A massacre at an Ethiopian oil facility that has left dozens of Ethiopians dead has been widely reported albeit mostly because of the chinese civilians who were killed.
Rebel gunmen have killed at least 74 people in an attack on an oil field in Ethiopia's remote Somali region, the Ethiopian government says.

Sixty-five Ethiopians and nine Chinese oil workers were killed, while seven Chinese were also taken captive in the incident, an official said.


A spokesman for a separatist group, the Ogaden National Liberation Front, said it had launched the attack.


A spokesman for the ONLF in London, Abdirahman Mahdi,
Can someone explain to me why we are still allowing terrorists to operate out of the UK? Sure they aren't islamists but we really should have learnt our lesson by now.

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