Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Enough Is Enough.

Derek Conway, the Conservative MP not the former character from 'The Bill, has been suspended from the House of Commons for claiming expenses for his son for doing nothing. This seems a lenient punishment for what would be a criminal offence in most lines of work. He has also single handedly stopped the momentum that the mounting sleaze stories about senior Labour
figures was creating, so good work Derek! As Conway said of Iain Duncan Smith as he stabbed him in the back a few years ago "There was a remarkable atmosphere in Westminster last week where people really felt enough was enough.", yes indeed. The Tories have quite rightly criticised Gordon Brown's dithering over the Hain affair, well now Cameron has the opportunity to act decisively.

Update: David Cameron has withdrawn the whip from Conway, a good decision. Hain retains the Labour whip. I'm obviously more influential than I realised!


David Duff said...

Well, yes, Cameron has acted, but only after going back on yesterday's statement that punishment was soley for the H of C, and only after getting the full flavour of this morning's prints and 'Telly'. So, 'E' for Effort, I think, but not much else.

Ross said...

Well I'd have preferred him to have kicked Conway out earlier, but Cameron benefits by compared to Gordon Brown.