Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Saudi Hypocrisy.

Saudi Arabia is outraged at the human rights violations of its citizens:
President George W Bush will face a frosty reception today during a visit to Saudi Arabia amid anger at America's continued detention of the kingdom's citizens at Guantanamo Bay.
I don't know anything about the individuals involved here, although 'being Saudi citizens' seems to me to be pretty strong circumstantial evidence of involvement in violent jihadism. However for Saudi Arabia to complain about its citizens being mistreated by a foreign government shows an almost complete lack of self awareness. In any sane world Saudi Arabia would be the last country on Earth to take seriously over human rights claims. The urge by Western governments including the UK's to suck up to Saudi Arabia is puzzling. The obvious answer is that we do so because we need their oil, which is true but ultimately they need to sell oil even more than we need to buy it. Saudi Arabia will sell us oil regardless of how we behave because they have no alternative other than poverty and squalor.

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