Wednesday, January 16, 2008

UN-PC PC Off To Tolerance Camp.

The race baiting industry usually try to portray themselves as trying to improve ethnic harmony by helping everyone get along. Actions speak louder than words though:
A police officer has been forced into resigning after he gave a Muslim colleague a pack of bacon and a bottle of wine as a joke present during a Christmas Day party.

Pc Rob Murrie gave the gift to his colleague as part of a "Secret Santa" at Luton station, though the consumption of alcohol and bacon is forbidden under Islam.

However, even though the Muslim officer did not complain and thought the present funny, senior officers in the Bedfordshire force were not amused. They declared that "behaviour of this nature is not tolerated" and welcomed Pc Murrie's resignation.

So in the interests of 'tolerance' Bedfordshire Police have forced someone out for being friendly enough with a Muslim colleague to have a joke with him. The fact that the designated victim refuses to be a victim doesn't matter much because it isn't about him, he is just the human shield that the diversicrats use to get their way. The message from Bedfordshire's police force appears to be "Don't become friendly with ethnic minority colleagues or else".

Update: I've just realised that Bedfordshire Police are also the ones who are harassing the blogger "Lionheart" over supposedly "Islamophobic" comments made on his site. Based on their definition of Islamophobia it is hard to see how anyone could be innocent.

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dearieme said...

The PC who gave the present was certainly being a prat. Given that his muslim chum behaved so decently, you have to wonder about the colleague who reported the incident. What word would describe him?