Monday, January 28, 2008

Something Must Be Done!

A report has been released about ethnic minority attainment in higher education:

Universities need to act urgently to ensure ethnic minority students are not discriminated against, a report argues.
Urgent action is needed! What sort of problems do the authors of the report have in mind?

Government statistics show students from minority ethnic groups are less likely than their white peers to achieve top marks in their degrees.

The report said the exact reasons for this were complex and hard to identify.

So they don't actually know what the problem is but they know that it must be tackled urgently.

Director of research and evaluation at the academy, Professor Lee Harvey, said the study revealed that attainment differences are not a "simple function of ethnicity and gender but are affected by rather more complex factors".

Earlier research had suggested the cause of the gap in attainment was "a mystery".

Well thanks for that helpful input.


dearieme said...

I suspect that it means that your Chinese and Hindus do rather well so that they'll have to think carefully exactly how to accuse whites of being racist about different minorities.

Ross said...

That is the perennial problem of the 'anti racism' industry, the fact that visibly similar groups perform very differently to each other. So Ghanaians and South Asian Hindus do much better on most indicators than Jamaicans and South Asian Muslims.