Sunday, January 06, 2008

Operation Clark County Mark 2?

Various Europeans are demanding to be allowed to tell Americans whom they should cast their votes for, despite the fiasco of the Guardian's "Operation Clark County" four years ago, when the residents of this poor county started receiving letters from earnest Guardian readers along the lines of:
Dear Stupid American,

I am writing to you to urge that you use your vote wisely, and not be tempted to vote for a candidate who appeals to your ignorant red neck nature, lynching homosexuals won't help you to repeal Bush's tax cuts for the rich. I implore you to vote for John Kerry so that he can restore Amerikkkas position in the world as a civilised country.

Under President Kerry you Americans, even hicks like yourself, will be able to live in a country where schools don't get shot up every week and where black people are allowed to eat in the same restaurants as whites. I'm not anti American, I've read several of Noam Chomsky's books and think that Michael Moore is a genius, so don't think that I am.

Surprisingly this did not have the effect which the organisers of the campaign had hoped. In fact Clark County had a significantly greater pro Bush swing than most comparable counties.

Anyway what I want to know is how come the various European hacks demanding a say in the US election have ever demanded that they have the right to elect the President of the EU commission, an organisation that has a much more direct impact on their lives?



Tizona said...

Good question, Ross. I do hope someone has asked?

JuliaM said...

"..despite the fiasco of the Guardian's "Operation Clark County" four years ago.."

It seems some people are incapable of learning. Must be due to the comprehensive education system... ;)

dearieme said...

Logically, they should be demanding that US citizens have the right to vote for the European Commissar.