Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 Review Part Two.

The second part of my look back over this blogs last 12 months.

  • I Marveled at the ability of the left to believe that their political opponents can cause things to happen in the past.
  • I explained some of the flaws of the British Crime Survey, and why it shouldn't be used as the final word on crime trends.
  • As the BBC lionised Blair as he announced his resignation, Michael Howard spoiled the Newsnight hagiography by savaging Alastair Campbell.
  • Stalin ruined Eurovision again this year.
  • I highlighted how Labour politicians use selfish to mean people who don't want to give their money to be spent by Labour politicians.
  • George Bush is committed to destroying out way of life apparently.
  • Government Agency advises against falling off ladders. I haven't fallen off any since.
  • Greedy freeloading bastard John Prescott falls seriously ill whilst on his last holiday funded by the taxpayer. Ha ha ha!
  • A serious post criticising the no women in prison lobby.
  • Tony Blair whined hypocritically as he left office.
  • Two posts attacking Salman Rushdie which on reflection may have been over the top.
  • My most widely read post of the year thanks to links from Guido, the New Statesman blog and the Adam Smith Institute blog and several more. Basically as the cabinet was announced I did a bit of research on their backgrounds and discovered that not a single member had ever had a proper job.
  • Islamist terrorists attempt to bomb London and Glasgow, so naturally Ken Livingstone focuses on the dangers posed by disaffected white youths.
  • British asians are disenfranchised according to the New York Times.
  • The schools edition of Question Time convinced me that the voting age should be raised to 21.
  • The anti prison lobby claimed that the US drop in crime over the last two decades is actually down to unleaded petrol.
  • The head of the Congressional Intelligence Committee lacks any.
  • I liked this post on some idiot who attended an anti globalisation riot and was outraged when violence broke out.
  • I argued that the honours system is actually a good way of channeling corruption away from anything important.
  • A cut out and keep guide to blaming any global crisis on oil.
  • I advanced a not very plausible argument that the existence of inheritence tax will encourage the government to bump us off.
  • The lies and times of Johann Hari.
  • Ken Livingstone tried to smear Boris Johnson as a racist. His main supported rather suspiciously were all members of organisations who get money from the mayoral office. Rather thrillingly I got namechecked by one of Livingstone's race baiting front groups.
  • Neil Clark was an unpleasant moron in this month. Much like most other months in fairness.
  • A horde of left wing bloggers were enraged at Frances Lawrence for not wanting her husbands killer to remain in the UK after his release.

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