Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How Stalin Ruined Eurovision.

The silly regional blocks that exist in the Eurovision song Contest's voting have widely been ascribed to some kind of pan slavic solidarity. This doesn't really work as an explanation though because most Eastern European countries hate each other, for example Estonia's recent spat with Russia demonstrates that no love is lost there, yet Estonia gave Russia 12 points.

The problem is that Eastern Europes borders are so arbitary that each country contains large numbers of people whose ethnic allegiance is elsewhere. In the case of Russia, Stalin's policy of moving Russians into other parts of the Soviet Union has all but guaranteed that Russia will pick up votes from it's former subject nations. And look what the bastard did to the Poland, moving it Westwards so Belarus has millions of Poles.

The situation in the Balkans is even more complex, one might even say it is Balkanised.

The only solution to save Eurovision is for the powerful western countries to invade the east and vanquish the slavic scum to create living space for our people. One People. One Nation, One Song! ...... Sorry I got carried away at the end there.

{ This is an extended versioon of a post I made at Blognor Regis, plus the borrowing of Mark's comments about Poland's borders }


Wibble said...

Of course, the issue with that analysis is that as well as moving the Polish borders west, Stalin also moved most of the Poles in what is now Belraus.

Equally in what is now western Poland, cities like Wroclaw and Szczecin, which were called Breslau and Stettin in 1939, were ethnically cleansed of their German populations to make way for the Poles being sent over from the East.

Ross F said...

That's true, but their are still enough Poles left to ensure Eurovision points. around 4% of Belarus's population are Poles.