Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Immigration From Eastern Europe.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation have released a report on the state of integtration of Eastern European immigrants to Britain, the BBC's news story about the study highlights:
Migrants also experience prejudice from the UK population. Just 39% of those surveyed felt British people treated them equally.
This is true but misleading as every other news story about the JRF report pointed out:
Although almost 40 percent thought British people treated them as equals, three in 10 said they did not and less than half of those who had been in Britain for three years were confident Britons were interested in friendship.
In other words around 7 in 10 immigrants did not feel that they had been treated unequally, quite a different spin that anyone who relied on the BBC would have gotten.

My own thoughts about Eastern European immigration are that in the long term they will integrate and second generation immigrants will be indistinguishable from the natives, this is based on the success of previous groups who have entered Britain from Poland after the second World War. Whilst we won't see long term parallel communities emerge as as happened with certain other groups, such as Asian communities in the North of England, there will be short and medium term costs. Particularly to the people currently at the bottom of the employment ladder as they are priced out of work. The fact that the immigration enthusiasts have lied about how many would arrive from the East has meant that public services have been woefully ill prepared to cope with a sudden influx of new people, for example schools have had to deal with considerable numbers of non English speaking pupils and are generally unready for the task.


Elliott said...

How interesting. The BBC are so full of you-know-what. Any excuse to whip up a grievance wherewith to get us to beat our own backs - even if, as you rightly point out, such a grievance does not exist.

I realise this is unreliable anecdote, but a close Polish friend of mine (not to say fiancee) was perplexed by the BBC's take. So far as she has heard, Poles have nothing but praise for the people of this country. But then again, she's monarchist, traditionalist, anti-communist and pro-West, so I doubt the BBC will be getting to closely involved with what central and eastern Europeans truly think!

Ross F said...

a close Polish friend of mine (not to say fiancee)

Integration is happening even faster than I thought!

I remember seeing the results of one of those global attitudes surveys last year. When asked whether they consider Britain to be a mostly positive or negative influence on the world, Poland is one of the most positive countries about the UK. Certainly more positive than any other European country that was surveyed.