Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Labour Leadership Contest.

It looks as though John McDonnell is going to be the Labour left's candidate to run against Gordon Brown. What does it say about the state of the Parliamentary Labour Party that an unapologetic supporter of mass murder can get the signatures of forty plus Labour MPs? Ironically his big selling point is that he's anti war.

Update: Only 27 Labour MPs are sufficiently degenerate to sign John McDonnell's nomination papers. Perhaps he should go on hunger strike until he is placed on the ballot.


Umbongo said...

He's a shit alright (aren't they all?) but at least he's standing against Brown: nobody who had a decent chance of denting Brown's newly formed carapace of oily charm had the guts to stand.

Ross F said...

I suspect that Brown's high profile potential opponents like Milburn or Reid will wait until Brown becomes PM before swiftly working to destabilise him.