Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Terrorists Might Be Timelords.

Dumbjon marvels at the ability of liberals to blame the Iraq war for a terrorism plot that was hatched at least two years before the invasion began. Maybe it's the revival of Dr Who which has caused this belief because the phenomenon of muslims being influenced by future actions occurs so frequently that it would be hasty to rule it out. For example the favourite Middle East expert amoung the blogosphere's left is the academic Juan Cole, who I might add is no more anti semitic that Alan Hart. In 2005 he revealed:
According to the September 11 Commission report, al-Qaeda conceived 9/11 in some large part as a punishment on the US for supporting Ariel Sharon's iron fist policies toward the Palestinians. Bin Laden had wanted to move the operation up in response to Sharon's threatening visit to the Temple Mount, and again in response to the Israeli attack on the Jenin refugee camp, which left 4,000 persons homeless. Khalid Shaikh Muhammad argued in each case that the operation just was not ready.
The Jenin operation occurred in May 2002. In fact the 9/11 commission was quite clear that the plotting for he 9/11 attacks began in 1999, although it is possible that Cole had a copy of the report which was written at some point in the future.

Similarly when outgoing Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamed made some anti semitic remarks in 2003 Paul 'Enron' Krugman was quick to deduce that it was Bush's foreign policy that had caused Mahathir to attack jews. Mahathirs record of anti-semitism went back at least as far as 1997 as Krugman must have known since he advised the Malaysian government back in 1998 when the currency crisis was blamed on.... well you can guess.

Any more examples?

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