Monday, June 18, 2007

Rushdie & The Ruskie.

Two more points about the Rushdie gong:

He is no martyr for liberal freedoms.

In the rant of his I linked to in my previous post, the one where he argues that Britain has imported a new empire to dominate with poor non white victims like him, which incidentally means he saying that we are all evil imperialist bastards even when we stay at home and mind our own business, he says:
And until you, the whites, see that the issue is not integration, or harmony, or multicultrualism, or immigration, but simply the business of facing up to and eradication the prejudices within almost all of you, the citizens of your new, and last, Empire will be obliged to struggle against you.
The threat of implied violence in that paragraph strongly implies a threat of violence if you will forgive the tautology, albeit only in the form of radical chic posing, if evil white people don't do what he says.

I'm really going to have to perform a more thorough fisking of Rushdie's drivel at some point.

The second point about the knighthood is that it has overshadowed a far more deserving recipient, Oleg Gordievsky, who two decades ago put himself in far greater peril than Rushdie was ever in to defect to Britain. As a KGB agent he had been working for Britain for years before he was rumbled.


Laban said...

The thing is, Rushdie has altered his views by 180% since 9/11. Perhaps the knife feels a lot closer to the throat now.

Ross F said...

His own experiences have focused his mind somewhat. he thing about the 'radical chic' posturing of the likes of Rushdie is that it is usually predicated on the fact that they themselves will never have to face the consequences of it.