Friday, June 29, 2007

Chiselled Adonis Mocks Physical Imperfections

I've just been reading the response by National Review writer Jay Nordlinger to a smear piece by the laughably inept Independent columnist Johann Hari. Nordlinger notes:
One of the most reprehensible things about this article is its physical descriptions — descriptions of our passengers and guest speakers.
Seriously if you look like Johann Hari, a 30ish gay man who resembles a 60ish lesbian, wouldn't you lay off the physical descriptions? Circus freaks in glass houses should not throw stones.


Blognor Regis said...

30ish? He's a mere slip of a lad at 28. Of course I remember when he was a precocious 23 year old bloging at Harry's Place.

Isn't it funny though, how those that loudly band the diversity drum sneer at what we probably oughtn't call "normal" people. I've been mulling over writing a post on just this topic as it happens.

Ross F said...

It was when he first started writing at Harry's Place that I realised what a twat he was. Up until then I had occasionally seen him quoted as a member of the pro war left and vaguely assumed that he was someone who was on the right of the left, whom even if I disagree with I could see where he was coming from. It was a bit disconcerting to actually read his articles and realise that he was a full on loon.