Monday, June 18, 2007

Sir Salman Rushdie.

Crap author Salman Rushdie has been given a knighthood much to the delight of some otherwise sensible people and the chagrin of various apologists for islamist totalitarianism. As a statement that we won't be intimidated by religious nutters in Iran and Pakistan it has a lot of merit, but the fact remains that Rushdie is a complete tosser. He was one of the 'wankers, whiners and whingers' behind Charter 88 ( a grotesque parody of the Czechoslovakian Charter 77, which tried to equate democratic Britain with Communist era tyranny) , he is a graceless oaf who has never apologised for his typically humourless description of Margaret Thatcher as 'Mrs Torture' despite the fact that she immediately provided armed police bodyguards for the lowlife when Iran put a bounty on his head after 'the Satanic Verses' came out. Once Iran dropped it's bounty in 1998 and he no longer needed the bodyguards he pissed off to New York, arguably the greatest service he has ever performed for Britain, a country he despises.
if we want to understand British racism-and without understanding no improvement is possible-it's impossible even to begin to grasp the nature of the beast unless we accept its historical roots. Four hundred years of conquest and looting, four centuries of being told that you are superior to the Fuzzy-Wuzzies and the wogs, leave their stain. This stain has seeped into every part of the culture, the language and daily life; and nothing much has been done to wash it out.
This man has all the intellectual sophistication of Dave Spart.
lBritish society, has never been cleansed of the filth of imperialism. It's still there, breeding lice and vermin, waiting for unscrupulous people to exploit it for their own ends.
Watching Salman Rushdie have to endure frivolous accusations of 'islamophobia' is perhaps
evidence that there is such a thing as karma.for the colonized Asians and blacks of Britain, the police force represents that colonizing army, those regiments of occupation and control.
This is in Cindy Sheehan territory isn't it, the equivalent of her demand for US forces to withdraw from New Orleans. Read the whole cliche ridden thing, as they say.

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