Monday, June 25, 2007

'Insufficent Evidence'.

Q. What's the difference between Pat Finucane & Danny Baker?

A. Danny Baker passed the 'doorstep challenge.
As you might be able to tell I don't feel a huge amount of sympathy for the dead terrorist Pat Finucane, whose posthumous morphing into a 'human rights lawyer' is laughable. The news that there is insufficient evidence to prosecute any police or amy members over the collusion in his murder is welcome news. Making accusation in investigations like the Lord Stevens inquiry is cheap as they don't need to be backed up with evidence, and as this decision demonstrates where actual proof is required there is less enthusiasm by the authorities for pursueing the allegations. If I understand Irish republicans correctly accusing Finucane of being in the IRA simply because former members of the IRA such as Sean O'Callaghan have confirmed it is a scandalous libel on the stiff, wheras accusing members of the security forces of collusion on the basis of bugger all is damning proof of how oppressed Ulster catholics are.

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