Monday, July 27, 2009


According to Harry Potter Henry Porter the police in Norfolk have granted the power to issue fines to nightclub doormen. Leaving aside that the profession has a reputation for attracting people who have extensive criminal records there is also the small problem that there is no standard bouncer's uniform- so anyone with a suit and no neck could demand an 'on the spot' fine at will.

I didn't even know that police officers could subcontract their powers out at will.

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Charters & Caldecott said...

All Accredited Jobsworths have to wear a nice little badge. So that's OK.

And though they can fine you on the spot, they can't actually do anything about your 'safety' if you're having your head kicked in by a bunch of drunken thugs. They're forbidden to get involved.

They have to stand by and watch, having phoned for the police to come and sort it out, ie hauling you away in a state of concussion before charging YOU with attempted murder.

Makes you wonder whose 'safety' this is all about.