Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Lucky Man.

For someone who was too crazy to know what he was doing, you have to admire Kenneth Erskine- The Stockwell Strangler- for his sheer luck in:
  • Selecting victims who were unlikely to be able to defend themselves.
  • Doing his killings, which he had no control over, in private where no one could intervene to stop him.
  • Setting up a web of different back accounts to launder the stolen money through in order to avoid capture.
If his mental illness didn't diminish his capacity to plan his killings in such a way as to reduce the risk to himself, then it doesn't seem like much of an illness to me.


Anonymous said...

If anything he was extremely calculated and sly in his actions - he must of stalked his victims beforehand, selecting pensioners who lived alone and who would offer the least resistance.

God knows what Erskine put these poor old people through before he snuffed them out - it just doesn't bare thinking about.

I can't understand how obscure this man is. He is one of the worst serial killers this country has ever seen and hardly anyone has even heard of him!

At the end of the day, I feel for the relatives of his victims, what comfort or justice have they got out of this?

Something is seriously wrong with this country.

Ross said...

"If anything he was extremely calculated and sly in his actions "