Monday, July 20, 2009

Sickening Self Promotion

How many blogs have had guest posts from Liam Donaldson, Gordon Brown and the whole blogosphere. How many blogs produce wearisome crap day in day out regardless of whether there is anything worth saying? How many blogs also produce ponderous posts that no one actually reads but the author takes quite seriously. There is just one, this one. So vote for me before my 'community activists' come round to visit.

1. You must vote for your ten favourite blogs and ranks them from 1 (your favourite) to 10 (your tenth favourite).
2. Your votes must be ranked from 1 to 10. Any votes which do not have rankings will not be counted.
3. You MUST include ten blogs. If you include fewer than ten your vote will not count.
2. Email your vote to
3. Only vote once.
4. Only blogs based in the UK, run by UK residents are eligible or based on UK politics are eligible.
5. Anonymous votes left in the comments will not count. You must give a name
6. All votes must be received by midnight on 31 July 2009. Any votes received after that date will not count.

My votes shall naturally be cast in a wholly corrupt manner that rewards linking to me rather than any greater merit.


James Higham said...

I voted for you.

Ross said...

Thanks, you were also on my top ten.

Matthew said...

I can't think of 10 blogs I like. But am I allowed fewer (if so I'll give you a vote)?

Ross said...

It says it has to be 10 I'm afraid.

Matthew said...

Sorry I should have read point 3 which clearly states that.