Monday, July 06, 2009

Ronnie Biggs & His Private Island- Not Eliciting That Much Sympathy

Michael Biggs, son of Great Train Robber Ronnie, is campaigning to have his father released, in this sob story he reminisces:

Michael and his father remained close. Together, they bought a house, a yacht, a restaurant, a disco - and even a private island. "They were great days," Michael said. "We were best mates. People always said, 'It's amazing, how can you be such good friends with your dad?' But we were."

Reading about all the fun he had with the proceeds of a brutal robbery really makes me feel bad that the government could be so cruel as to expect Ronnie Biggs to serve his sentence. I mean if I'd realised that they would enjoy the cash so much then who could have begrudged Biggs helping himself?


marc said...

Ronnie and Michael Biggs?
Fuck off and die (both of you)

Ross said...

"Fuck off and die "

No he should stay and die.