Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Labour's Core Vote Strategy.

Labour are trying to limit the scale of defeat by attempting to create dividing lines to shore up their core voters:
  • Professional Northerners- An end to the terrible problem of anti-Northern discrimination.
  • Disgruntled Muslims- Arms sales to Israel stopped.
  • Class Warriors- Charitable status of public schools could be revoked.

They've given up on winning the election.


asquith said...

I often hear right-wingers talking about Labour appealing to their core vote, but I can't see why any working-class or poor person would want to support Brown.

They are taxed remoreselessly, if they are lucky enough to be in work, & pay indirect taxes anyway if not. If they are unemployed they are vilified in every imaginable way for being so, & restricted from trying to improve their lot in life through voluntary work, etc.

They have essentially been held in place by the assertion that the Tories would be even worse for them, but that's not going to drive people out to put their x next to someone who's been in government for 12 years & delivered so little to the people it nominally represents.

asquith said...

Let us also show them all due respect & acknowledge that a lot of them are doing just that.

A lot of public sector workers, also, are turning against Labour. But others are loyal, & I think it's these sections of the middle class who are the real tribalists in this day & age.

James Higham said...

And also trying to blame Maggie for it all.

Ross said...

"I can't see why any working-class or poor person would want to support Brown."

There is a lot of electoral inertia, people vote for parties for no better reason than habit.

asquith said...

Yes. I met a few Labour voters in the Euros. I would have flayed them alive if it weren't for the fact that I'm not very assertive in real life. They were certainly talking utter wank.