Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dogs That Haven't Barked.

Despite the intervention of Al Qaeda and the Turkish Prime Minister the reaction of the fabled Muslim street to the ethnic unrest between the Muslim Uighurs and the Han Chinese has largely been a dog that hasn't barked.

A lot of issues negatively affecting Muslims get ignored by the Islamic states- Zimbabwe bulldozing mosques, the Kosovan war and of course the dozens of countries which persecute their own populations. On the other hand there have been comical over reactions to Danish Cartoons, Miss World, papal speeches, alleged mishandlings of the Koran and of course Mohammed the Teddy Bear.

The muted disapproval over the treatment of the Uighurs demonstrates once more that anti Western feeling isn't motivated by actual Western slights, but some incidents get taken as a pretext to cultivate a sense of victimhood.


North Northwester said...

Unlike Britain, America and Israel, the savage communist leadership of China would have not compunction in using ultra violent tactics to get at Al Qaeda if it did harm Chinese interests. Look at their support for the Sudanese near-genocide: genocide for oil indeed.

No weatherboarding or Club Gitmo for Red China, I'd say.

Ross said...

Yes, although I suspect Al Qaeda's tactics, if they have any, would be to murder Chinese citizens outside of China.

North Northwester said...

Expect Al Q supporting Muslim Brotherhood offices worldwide and cyber bank accounts to suffer fatal accidents and unexpected withdrawals.