Saturday, February 06, 2010

Knicker Nicker Sentenced.

Everyone's favourite underwear stealing mayor has been sentenced:

Jailing him for two years, Judge Heather Lloyd told him he was guilty of 'a gross violation of the trust placed in you as an employee and friend'.

'The victims would never have dreamed that trust would have been abused in such a revolting fashion,' she added.

First of all how could they not have dreamed that he would do something like this? LOOK AT HIM!!!! Of course he's a pervert! Secondly 2 years does seem quite harsh considering that violent offenders routinely receive lower sentences.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Two years is way over the top.

Anonymous said...

"Two years is way over the top."

Violation of private property, breaking and entering, wanking into the smalls drawer.

Two years is about right.

James Higham said...

What self-respecting mayor wouldn't break into a house to steal women's knickers? Who can honestly say that at some point in his life, he hasn't sniffed women's underwear or dressed up as a mouse and eaten cheese?

Ross said...

Exactly James, let he who is without a drawer full of stolen underwear cast the first stone.

TDK said...

Surely your headline should be "Knicker nicker nicked"

Ross said...

Damn you're right, I can't believe I missed that.