Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thoughts On The Winter Olympics

  • It's quite impressive that in the Winter Games the men's double luge is only the 2nd gayest event (after the men's figure skating of course):
  • The baggy outfits the snow boarders wear are ridiculous. They've essentially fossilised what was a cool look back when snowboarding took off in the early 1990s and they look incredibly dated. Nothing dates as badly as cutting edge fashion. It's similar to the way clerical vestaments basically preserve what was the fashionable look of the late Roman era.
  • The action for the Vancouver Games takes place in "Whistler" which is about one hundred miles from Vancouver. Were Ryanair involved in the bid somehow?


James Higham said...

Nothing dates as badly as cutting edge fashion.

Never a truer word ...

Yaffle said...

I caught a bit of the ice dancing in the wee small hours last night. Still astonishes me after all these years that this is an Olympic discipline. You keep expecting Brucie to pop up saying, "Didn't they do well?"

The Russians' controversial "aborigine" costumes were an added bonus - looked like fancy dress your Mum might have made for you aged about 8.

Matthew said...

I think you should get Sky, preferably the + version, or maybe a hobby that involves getting out of the house?

Aside from that moment when some Brit won something called the skeleton it really has been possible to completely avoid it.

Ross said...

"it really has been possible to completely avoid it."

Yes but why would anyone want to avoid the Winter Olympics?

We know that high camp is popular in mainstream entertainment- "Strictly Come Dancing"- as are people sliding and falling over- "Total Wipeout" or "Hole In The Wall" and the Winter Olympics manages to combine those two popular themes into one package.

I really could not ask for more.

Yaffle- the aborigine costumes were hilarious. If they were trying to be offensive then it wouldn't have funny but the fact they genuinely didn't see what the fuss what about makes it priceless.

Dave H said...

"Were Ryanair involved in the bid somehow?"

Having flown many times from 'Frankfurt' Hahn I know what you mean.

I await London Port Stanley.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Nice one. Somebody had to say it.

Re that lass who won the skeleton, she's a towering genius. She was interviewed on telly and said that she'd been watching the Olympics every year since she was a little girl.