Monday, February 22, 2010

You Wouldn't Like Him When He's Angry.... Or When He's Not.

Given that Labour's new slogan "A Future Fair For All" hasn't really captured the public imagination, plus it appears to be yet another line they've stolen from the BNP (why must the future be 'fair' rather than dark or swarthy?), so they need a new slogan.

Now Gordon Brown is never again going to be able to pose as a dull but effective policy wonk given the mess that he's made of the economy and the Labour Party so what they should do is take the revelations of his temper tantrums and use them to their advantage.

The new slogan should "You Wouldn't Like Me When I Am Angry", put it on a giant poster of Brown glowering menacingly and they'll turn what seems to be a weakness into a slightly cool quirk.

They could then play up the theme during the election with Brown going into rages at random voters during meet and greet sessions culminating in the mother of all tantrums during the televised debate when he can rip his shirt off and throw a mobile phone into David Cameron's face during a discussion on education reform.

I'd vote for him if he did that.


Dungeekin said...

I'm not surprised 'A Future Fair For All' hasn't really struck a chord.

After all, we've had thirteen years of 'F All'.

Still, come the General Election it'll be interesting to watch him explode with rage as he loses mightily.


JuliaM said...

Leg-Iron thinks that one day, he might just do that, on camera. I'd pay to see that...