Friday, February 19, 2010

Blue Scotland?

This is a turn up:

Tory optimism that they are on course to win more seats in Scotland than the SNP in this year’s General Election was strengthened yesterday by a new opinion poll which showed them neck-and-neck with the Nationalists.

The poll for The Scottish Sun put both parties at 21 per cent support — far behind Labour on 37 per cent but well ahead of the Liberal Democrats on 15 per cent.

I'd pretty much assumed that the Conservatives were dead in Scotland with both Labour and the SNP miles ahead. Labour are indeed miles ahead but the SNP are in trouble. It suggests that the anti-incumbency vote is being directed against the Scottish executive rather than the British government.

Alec Salmond has always struck me as a supremely gifted opposition politician but with no clear ideas of his own, so it doesn't surprise me that being in power has been bad for the nats under him.


Yaffle said...

I can see Labour actually ending up with more seats in Scotland, as they're only two points down on 2005 and the other parties are split so evenly. SNP voters may even turn to Labour in constituencies where Labour is stronger - the "anyone but the Tories" mentality is still widespread.

Ross said...

That has to be a distinct possibility especially if tactical voting remains directed against the Tories.