Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Escaping The Asylum

Making the Glasgow suicide case emblematic of the broader issue of asylum is unwise for a number of reasons:
  • People who seek asylum from Canada are probably not escaping persecution, despite Canada's free speech problem.
  • People who enter suicide pacts with their son are plainly either nuts or colossally selfish and not potential model citizens.
  • As far as I am aware their motive for suicide is not yet known, assuming that every asylum seeker who commits suicide does so because they are seeking asylum is not a safe assumption.

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Mark said...

This item was actually the lead story on 'Russia Today' on tuesday evening. Robina Qureshi was lobbed several softball questions, which allowed her to prattle about the injustices of the UK asylum system etc, etc. All good anglophobe copy for RT !

While this is clearly a very tragic incident, the movements of the family prior to this incident mark them out as perfect exemplars of the 'asylum shopping' phenomenon- moving from Canada> Netherlands> Ireland> UK. The UK in this instance clearly being the hoped for Holy Grail, having a combination of the most cumbersome deportation procedures, allied with the leakiest health & benefits regime.