Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Two Foots In The Grave

I was away from computer when I heard that Michael Foot had passed away, my immediate thought was 'how many people are going to make the "One Foot in the grave" gag?'

At the time of writing the number is 34 according to google blogsearch.

Shame on you for your predictability! And your accuracy, the "One Foot in the grave" line should have only been used when Paul Foot died because there are now clearly two Foots (er Feet?) in the grave.

Anyway Michael Foot seemed like a decent enough man who would have been catastrophic as PM.


banned said...

Sadly I was at work when the news arrived so you beat me to it!

I was going to have just the post title "One Foot in the grave" and a single Foot-CND pic with no text to see if anyone slagged me off for being 'insensitive', LOL.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Aha, I get it now. You could also argue "three feet in the grave", i.e. Mr Foot and his two feet.

And maybe he was six foot tall, so that's nine feet six feet under, or fifty-four feet square..

Anonymous said...

At least he was a real man who knew what he stood for, unlike the fucking pygmies of today.

And he would have got us out of Europe, so if he ran a shite government we could have just got rid of him, and then restored our liberties in this country, to an extent that would be impossible under that smug twat Cameron, who believes in nothing other than his own divine right to rule.

James Higham said...

Ross, stop pussyfooting around.

Dave H said...

There was a Shooting Stars round in which points were awarded for examples of well-known names that contained parts of the body, such as Michael Foot; one point per part.

After they'd finished trying, Bob Mortimer pointed out that if anyone had said Tony Hancock they'd have earned four points.