Tuesday, March 02, 2010

He Is Healed!

The Yorkshire Ripper should not be released.

However from the perspective of those who genuinely believe that he was simply suffering an illness- as the courts presumably do having classified him as insane- I can't see any good reason to keep him locked up if his medical team say that he's been cured of murdervitus.


banned said...

I can't imagine any reason why anyone would consider letting this man out of prison.

Letters From A Tory said...

But can murdervitus come back at a later date, a bit like a nasty cold?

JuliaM said...

Of course, if you are a paid up member of the loony feminist set, then he never was mad at all, that was just a way for the woman-hating society we are forced to live in to excuse his hate crimes.


Ross said...

The main flaw with Julie Bindel's theory is that "society" didn't decide that Sutcliffe was mad, his insanity plea was initially rejected by the court, to widespread acclaim, and overruled by a higher court.

Society decided Sutcliffe was evil the judiciary disagreed.

banned said...

Let's not forget that they lied to us, as is usual; when they abolished the death sentence they promised us that Life would mean Life, but it rarely does.