Friday, March 26, 2010

MP's Son Does Something Legal!!!!

How terrible:

The son of an MP was today exposed as a dealer in the latest designer drug mephedrone, which is believed to have been responsible for a string of recent deaths.

The revelation will prove to be a huge embarrassment to MP Louise Ellman, Labour's representative for the Riverside area of Liverpool.


asquith said...

In any sane society, he would be hailed as an effective small businessman. I agreed with David Nutt's analysis that, for the time being, mephedrone should be in a new holding class D.

Apart from the fact that my own instincts are liberal/libertarian on the issue, & I hope I can be forgiven for questioning whether prohibition works, it makes more sense for a drug that has only recently become known about. Law enforcement have got better things to do than play cat & mouse with people who find ways of marketing new drugs once another is banned.

You can, I'm sure, excuse me for doubting that a Conservative government would not be any closer to my views than the Labour cunts.

JuliaM said...

Well, if Labour are going to play cat and mouse with anyone, a 'dealer' in meow meow is at least apposite...

Mark Wadsworth said...

Legalise, regulate, tax, educate.


DJ said...

That's her screwed then! No way her constituents are going to vote for anyone with family involved in something legal.