Saturday, September 30, 2006

More Murder

Gosh I wonder what political movement was in the ascendency in the USA from 1960 onwards when the homicide rate increased by around 150%.

Murder & Guns.

Finally, gun control advocates frequently attribute the UK's low rate of violent crime to its restrictive gun laws. They would do well to bear in mind that in 1919, the year before gun control legislation was introduced, the US homicide rate was almost twelve times that of the UK. After close to 80 years of rigorous gun control the gap has now narrowed to a factor of four.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Left Wing Logic.

Felicity Heywood in the Guardian on Black History Month:
But even though its original remit - to give children of African descent a new pride through discovering their heritage and past achievements - remains unfulfilled, moves are afoot which could threaten the project's future.
Does it not occur to her to replace "even though" with "because"?

It seems likely that Heywood works in the public sector with that attitude. The fact that Black History Month has been going for two decades and is a failiure even on the terms of its organisers seems like a bloody good reason to threaten the projects future.

Blair's Speech.

One of the features of Blair's leadership is his ability to make speeches that appeal greatly to shallow people and the Labour Party conference saw the last of these pep talks. In many ways he summed up 12 years of Blairism in that single speech, the rewriting of history, claiming credit for other's achievements and the promises that he has no intention of keeping. I didn't buy into his crap in 1994 or 1997 but I could see why others did but honestly after more than a decade of this drivel it really is pathetic that so many grown men and women fall for the same trick time and again. No doubt he can charm people because a charmless confidence trickster is a contradiction in terms

His promise to spend the rest of his time in office seeking a solution to the Israel-Palestine issue was a crude exploitation of other people's suffering to massage his own image. I'm surprised he din't pledge to look for a cure for cancer in that time as well because the chances of success are about the same and he clearly has no scruples about knowing raising false hope if he profits from it. They don't appear to be waiting for the great peacemaker with bated breath in the Middle East either.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Nazi Art & Bad Comedy.

An auction of some of Adolf Hitler's artwork took place today, and like most people I have qualms about it. Not as upset as Aaron Barshak the self styled "Comedy Terrorist" it would seem as he disrupted the proceedings. Barshak's wife justified* his actions by saying:
Adolf Hitler was a mass murderer and to make money from that is wrong.
Which is a good argument to make unless you are married to a man who dresses up as Osama Bin Laden for living. Actually Barshak is so cringe inducingly unfunny that he probably doesn't make money but that isn't through want of trying.

* No link because either blogger or my computer is playing up.

Angry Muslims.

Some might suggest that it would take a lot for a former nazi to become unpopular in the Middle East, but look at the pope and the furore over his remarks on faith and reason last week. Those such as the Guardian's Madelaine Bunting who perpetuate the myth that the rioting in response to Pope's innocuous comments reflect upon him would surely struggle to explain incidents like this:
The authorities in Nigeria’s northern state of Jigawa have imposed a nighttime curfew in the wake of a violent protest by a group of Muslim youths in the state capital. The rioters attacked Christians following a blasphemous statement allegedly made by a local Christian woman about Prophet Muhammad.

At least 10 churches, 20 shops as well as homes of Christians were reportedly attacked and set ablaze by the angry protestors, who claimed a local Christian woman had made a blasphemous statement about Prophet Muhammad. The woman was said to have reacted to inflammatory language denigrating Jesus Christ by a Muslim man.
So muslims man starts berating a woman about her religion she answers back, so mobs of local muslims launch a pogrom against christians. There is no doubt that at the moment much of the islamic world takes the attitude that they are entitled to launch the most vicious assaults on infidels and heretics wheras the slightest response to this behaviour can justify almost any savagery in response.

The Tolerence Stasi.

As you might expect I am a regular reader of the Pink News* and I came across this opinion piece, which asks "Would The Pope Face Arrest For Homophobia":
The obvious argument is that we can never expect religion to accept homosexuality, but why does that make it ok for them to spread and encourage homophobic beliefs.
Er that would be the whole "freedom of speech" thing that we used to have.
Punishment should start at the top, or what is the point of struggling for equality, tolerance and fairness.
Interesting definition of tolerance- If I disagree with you then you must be arrested.

* Actually I was googling "Angry Muslims" and saw a piece saying that gays should have a papal apology too. It would certainly be amusing if everytime "angry muslims" went on a protest they were joined by a gay pride parade.

New Labour Singing From The Same Hymn Sheet!

Cherie Blair on Gordon Brown- Liar!

Gordon Brown on Gordon Brown- I Lied! I Lied!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Holyrood Porn.

The Scottish 'Parliament' has been getting adult channels instead of their usual fare, supposedly by mistake. One MSP was shocked to come to work only to see naked bodies rolling around and orgies all over the place. So he decided to leave Tommy Sheridan's office and watch television when he discovered the porn.

Blog Stuff.

1/ Did I mention that I am officially the 83rd best conservative blogger in the country? Well that's probably due to having the self awareness to realise that I'm not. The list was compiled by Iain Dale, for a Guide to Political Blogging that he is flogging. Of course if certain bloggers were to "disappear" then I could find myself on the rise.

2/ Is there any way that a "latest comments" feature can be put on a blogspot site? This is because when an old post gets a comment, only I and the commenter are aware of it, for example this post from June appears to have left someone rather irate and a comment was added this weekend, over three months later.

3/ Must update blogroll soon!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Siam What Siam.

Looks like there is a coup in Thailand, Parliament hasn't had an expert on Thai affairs since Joe Ashton retired so I doubt Britain will be a major party in resolving the crisis. As with the Pakistan coup some years ago people's hostility towards the generals will be tempered by the hideous corruption of the democratic regime. Seceral predictions that I will make are:
  • A speculative theory of how the coup is the USA's doing will emerge.
  • No evidence will be produced
  • It will become accepted as fact regardless.
  • If the coup regime lasts the week then it will last for several years.
  • China won't object.
  • Someone wittier than me will be able to make a ladyboy joke.

Short and Sharp.

I've just discovered tha the New Scientist magazine has a blog, their most recent story at the moment relates to the widely reported case of the Chinese man who was the recipient of a penis transplant but rejected it. They appear to be suggesting that it was turned down because of the pschological discomfort that people have about having dead people's body parts, but their could of course be other reasons for the rejection.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Islamic Criticism Blocked?

According to the 'Western Resistance' blog the Mail on Sunday put up and then removed an article by Peter Hitchens which was critical of that non violent religion, Islam. Liberal Larry also has some wise words on the subject of the Pope's recent remarks- 'Nazi Pope Refuses to Convert to Islam'.

Polly Toynbee To Commit Suicide?

Swedish centre-right alliance wins wafer-thin election victory

Presumably Greg Palast will pop up at some point and claim it was all down to voting irregularities. Anyway like Polly I'm a huge fan of the Swedish Model:

Household Income, Race & Voting.

Gary Younge's latest column makes the claim that since Bush came to office "median household income has fallen by 3%". As an iron rule when someone uses household income as a measure of wealth it means that they are trying to con someone. Unless more people living in their own houses is considered a bad thing by Gary Younge. He also makes the strange claim that:
black people, regardless of income, overwhelmingly vote Democrat. Indeed, were it not for black people, the Democrats would have won the presidency only once, in 1964. That was the year President Lyndon Johnson signed the civil rights act, turned to an aide and said: "We have lost the south for a generation." We are well into the second generation now, and the racialised politics of the south seem to be influencing the rest of the country rather than the other way round.In other words there is a clear racial attachment that white voters have to the Republican party
So if black people are over whelmingly voting for one party, how it follow that it is white voters who are demonstrating a "racial attachment" to one party?

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Coming Next, The Barry Chuckle School Of Industry.

Oh dear, our glorious and much loved leader Anthony Blair is planning his post Prime Ministerial career:
As he contemplates retirement, his staff are again looking west, seeking inspiration from the example of American presidents.

At Harvard there is the John F Kennedy Institution. Bill Clinton has his own foundation. Now Tony Blair, it seems, could have his own "school of government". According to academic and other sources, Jonathan Powell, the prime minister's chief of staff, has been sounding out the London School of Economics about the establishment of such a new body.
It might have been an idea if he had studied government before assuming office. The hilarious conclusion is that Tony Blair honestly sees himself as someone people would regard as a model of good leadership, which not even his own party consider him to be.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Labour Deputy Leadership.

Harriet Harman announced yesterday that she is standing for the Deputy Leadership of the Labour Party, her main theme appears to be that she is a woman. Whilst I can see why not having a little cocktail sausage to wave at the secretaries might be a priority for Labour after Prezza's tenure it hardly seems to be a sufficient reason for backing someone.

In 1997 Harriet Harman was appointed Social Security Secretary, despite being the ultimate Blairite she was so incompetent in the role that she had to be sacked after barely a year in the job. She was intellectually not up to the task of reforming her department and incapable of getting on with those who were capable (ie Frank Field). She has since been allowed to return to a more junior role within the government outside the cabinet. Yet this cabbage is considered the standard bearer for Labour's womanhood!

The frightening thing is that Harman might well be the stongest Labour female candidate. Despite Nu-Lab's boasting about the number of women MP's they have, the ones they consider to be cabinet material are- Margaret Beckett who was actually a safe pair of hands at Defra but is in her 60s now, Hillary Armstrong who was the worst Chief Whip in living memory, Ruth Kelly who thinks that child molesters make good teachers, Patricia 'Best Year Ever' Hewitt, Hazel 'the nodding chipmonk' Blears, Baroness Amos and Jacqui Smith. Is there a left wing equivalent of Margaret Thatcher amoungst that lot? I doubt it. Jacqui Smith could be worth placing a bet on for the number two job if Labour MPs decide they need a woman in that position.

Non Aligned.

The Non Aligned Movement (NAM) is currently meeting in Cuba. Whilst the delegates enjoy Havana's hospitality which largely consists of cigars and child prostitutes, I'm wondering what they are non aligned with. During the Cold War they were supposedly non-aligning with the USSR and the USA (although even then it inculded a few Soviet puppet regimes) but since 1990 and the demise of one of the two powerblocks the NAM is little more than identity group which defines itself by being poor and unimportant. It's the club for countries that can't get into any other club.

Quote Of The Day.

Anyone who describes Islam as a religion as intolerant encourages violence
-Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Tasnim Aslam

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Evidence Not Needed In Northampton Courts.

Judicial idiocies are hardly a surprise nowadays, but when it is local I feel obliged to comment upon it. A Northampton man who was convicted in 1999 of a violent sex attack was cleared today at the Court of Appeal
Mr Justice Tugendhat, sitting with Lady Justice Hallett and Mr Justice Silber, concluded his conviction was "unsafe", after a report from the Criminal Cases Review Commission.

The commission referred to new evidence which gave rise to a "very real doubt" over whether the complainant was a victim of any assault at all..
If it is doubtful that any attack took place at all then quite clearly there could not have been any physical evidence that passed the "beyond reasonable doubt" standard in the first place. The wrongfully imprisoned man, Mr Warren Blackwell (naturally the bogus accusers name is not public as Mr Blackwell's is), was married, had a stable job so it isn't even as though he fitted the profile of a violent sex attacker.

In short on the basis of no good evidence the CPS in Northants decided to prosecute someone and the Crown Court managed to jail him on the basis of that non existant evidence. Will anyone in the Prosecution or Court services pay any penalty whatsoever for wrecking somebody's life for 7 years because of their inadequacy? Of course not, at most they will make a bland declaration that "lessons must be learnt" and carry on as before. Still he was luckier than this man.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Boris Johnson Upsets Papua New Guinea

The final paragraph of the BBC report on Boris Johnson's apology for calling the inhabitants of PNG cannibals is quite amusing but I'm not sure if this is intentionally so:
his journalism appears to have landed him in political hot water again.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Shallow Poole

The opening paragraph of this story about the execution of a number of terrorists is devious, misleading jihadi propaganda:
The brutal excesses of Saddam Hussein's regime were relived yesterday as Iraq's new government announced that it had hanged 27 prisoners convicted of terror and criminal charges.
So which newspaper is it that is comparing the execution after trial of members of a mass murdering death cult with the mass executions of people by Saddam for the crime of being Kurds or Shias? The Guardian? The Independent? The Socialist Worker? A Middle Eastern Newspaper translated by Memri? Well no.

(Via A Tangled Web)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Moonbat At Greenham Common.

George Monbiot was at Greenham Common. I would mock but simply quoting him is far more effective than anything I could add, just bear in mind that this is by someone supporting the Soviet dupes:
In the morning, unaware of the trouble I was in, I sat by the camp fire, waiting for the kettle to boil. I sensed that someone was standing over me, and looked up. I was surrounded by a ring of women. They held their palms out towards me and their eyes were closed. Slowly and quietly they started chanting. "Go away. Go away. Go away." It was terrifying and extremely effective
These certainly sound like the kind of people I would of chosen to run the Cold War.
Read the whole thing, Moonbat bewails the "Slanderous" stories about the Greenham Common women but his own tales in their defence are at least as damning.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Feeling A Little Horse.

The death of Australian Naturalist Steve Irwin prompted me to read his Wikipedia article, noticing that it was in the category of "people killed by animal attacks" I read through that and discovered Mr Kenneth Pinyan.

The mind boggles trying to imagine what his friends and family would say at the funeral.

The Voluntary Death Penalty.

The murderer of the Soham schoolgirls, Ian Huntley, has attempted suicide. Am I alone in being confused at the fuss about this? He wants to die, his life serves no purpose and he will not be missed, so why not just let him kill himself? The same is true of John Hogan who murdered his son a few weeks ago and now wished to commit suicide (this time without his children), let him do it, it is the only way that these people can even come close to atoning for their depravity, by leaving this world for good.

Monday, September 04, 2006

No Pedros.

In my previous post about the Pedro Mendes kerfuffle I failed to mention the worst part. When he got out of hospital and went back to his home in Portsmouth he found that a mob had ransacked it and daubed "No Pedros" on the wall.

On a serious note, the paediatrician attack which commenters frequently invoke when sneering at yokels upset at child molesters is almost entirely mythical, see the link above for what actually (didn't) happen.