Sunday, February 18, 2007

Enlightened Liberals In Action.

One of the reasons for the somewhat self deprecating blog title which I have chosen is because deep down I know that my right wing views are simply the product of my lack of sensitivity and progessive thought. Frankly reactionary knuckle draggers like myself could never aspire to the sophisticated debates that occur on sites such as Crooked Timber, for example this week the great minds at Britain's premier left wing academic blog are debating whether it is okay to respond to disagreements with asian women by clogging up comment boxes with stuff like 'You love me long time' 'sucky sucky' and 'Me so horny!'.

Next week on Crooked Timber- Is it okay to throw bananas at black conservatives and burn crosses on their lawns?


Anonymous said...


Such sophistication from our intellectual superiors there.

How can you paddle in that swamp?

Ross said...

It's all a matter of perspective, for instance instead of considering it to be a 'swamp' which is a very negative way of looking at it I look on it as a 'pristine wetland' of racial invective unspoiled by manners and self awareness.