Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wilberforce- Abolitionist Or Double Agent?

At first glance this might seem a stupid question, and indeed on 2nd, 3rd and 4th glances it remains so. However in an illustration of why you should smoke crack whilst you write this bloke has figured out William Wilberforces cunning plot to protect slavery.
The recruitment of Wilberforce by the Prime Minister is an important clue suggesting that he may have been appointed to perform a subversive role designed to hold up the abolition process....
...Some readers might find it strange to think in terms of Wilberforce having operated as an under cover government spy working to subvert the abolitionist movement. However, we know that Pitt was really against the abolition of slavery because of his response to the Haitian revolution. When the world saw the Afrikan people in Haiti rise up and abolish slavery, Pitt failed to offer them either his government's support
This is the kind of fantasising that is inevitable when marxists try to reconcile their concept of an irredeemably corrupt West with reality.

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