Monday, June 23, 2008

Race Baiters 1 - Human Jellyfish 0

When Boris Johnson was smeared as a racist by having his words ripped out of context during the mayoral campaign, a great many people went out of their way to rebut the smears and to refuse to allow someone's reputation to be tarnished by them. So the ingratitude of Johnson in joining the lynch mob when an aide's words are misrepresented in an almost identical manner is striking. Appeasement doesn't work and when the details of this nonsense are forgotten, the fact that Boris Johnson got rid of McGrath will simply confirm to casual observers that he once employed an adviser who told blacks to go home.

Incidentally I feel sorry for this bloke with the unfortunate namesake.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Don't feel sorry! My blogs got twice as many hits as normal today and I even got a nice email saying "Well done for getting rid of McGrath!"

Anonymous said...


Welcome back, Ross

Ross said...

Thank you.