Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Three Times Is A Pattern.

Is it me or is there a pattern here?:
  1. Government rebuked for using misleading figures to demonstrate the supposed gender pay gap.
  2. Government rebuked for using misleading figures to demonstrate low rape conviction rates.
  3. Government rebuked for using bogus figures to demonstrate the extent of sex trafficking.
In each case the government has politicised an issue and allowed a militant feminist grouping to issue bogus information. The false information is then used to create the impression of a crisis which can be used to attempt to push through laws which would be recognised as transparently unfair otherwise (compulsory 'equal pay' audits & lower standards of evidence in rape trials for example).


Anonymous said...

As they say

Once is happenstance

Twice is coincidence

Three times is enemy action

Mark said...

Your third link, to the Graun article on 'sex trafficking' mentions Harriet Harman in the role of 'feminist midwife'.
'nuff said !

Liam said...

This expat in Holland has also noticed that the stream of false accusations is gleefully trumpeted (as on previous occasions) by the Dutch media and bloggers, which has the effect of further damaging our reputation. Mud sticks of course. Apparently the headline which translates to "British parents sell their daughters as virgins", is a lie some Dutch are all too willing to swallow. Labour and co. should be aware of the damage this inflicts on our country.

Ross said...

Liam- the thought that this sort of nonsense is actually being believed by the outside world is embarrassing.